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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Yes, we already know that you have thousands of doubts about this type of lamps, but it’s over, because you’ve come to the most specialized web in Himalayan Salt Lamps.

With positive or even negative effects? Pretty, ugly? Is it true that they sweat? don’t worry, all your doubts will be solved in this web because we have elaborated this superguide

If you are thinking about buying a Salt Lamp you have come to the right place because here we will deal with all the really important issues and that you want to know so you can make the best purchase.

Lámparas de sal del himalaya

There are many websites that tell you about the properties of salt lamps as if these objects were magical. Other websites call them a scam and invite you not to waste your money.

We are only going to talk to you about these lamps in a neutral way, we are not going to discuss magical properties nor are we going to analyze them from a scientific point of view.

We want you to make your own decision about it and if you like to buy them, it’s that easy.

In addition, in this content we deal with very important aspects that you won’t find in other websites in the sector.

Although we will use terms such as ion, electric charge, electrons, subatomic particles, energy, etc. do not feel overwhelmed because we will explain everything in the simplest and most practical way possible.

What are pink salt lamps?

Salt lamps are decorative objects; lamps that are created by perforating a rock of salt, generally Himalayan salt because of its pink colour, to introduce the corresponding luminaires or lamps into the hole.

Due to the properties of the mineral, which is not opaque, the lighting of the bulb creates an effect of total illumination of the stone from inside.

Salt Lamps. Everything you need to know. Analysis and Buying Guide 1

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What are salt lamps for?

There is still much controversy about the function of salt lamps.

For many the function is merely ornamental and decorative but for many other salt lamps have a beneficial function for health as they have the ability to emit negative ions to purify the air that is generally charged with positive ions produced by appliances and electronic devices that cause the environment is overloaded with electromagnetic waves.

The way to purify the air attributed to them would be to counteract the effect of these positive ions by neutralizing them with the negative ions they give off.

In that respect the wikipedia says the following:

Himalayan salt is used to make “salt lamps”, wherein light bulbs are placed within hollowed blocks of Himalayan salt to radiate a pinkish hue. There is no evidence that such lamps provide any health benefits.

How do salt lamps work?

Salt is a mineral that absorbs water in the form of steam from the environment, this property is known as hygroscopy….

Without going into details so as not to bore you: the salt rock of the lamp absorbs humidity from the environment while it is turned off and then, when it is turned on, the incandescent bulb heats the rock from inside, which causes the humidity absorbed by the rock to evaporate slowly.

In other words, salt lamps work as if they were air humidifiers.

Benefits of salt lamps

Although we are not going to assess whether these benefits are true, the following are attributed to them:

  1. Purify the air
  2. They help combat environmental dryness.
  3. Improve concentration and mood.
  4. Help to sleep better.
  5. Decrease the negative effects of electromagnetic waves.

Perhaps some of these benefits can be deduced from the fact that salt lamps return the humidity they absorb from the environment, others from the warmth of the light they offer.

Salt lamps. How to use them

The use of salt lamps is not very complicated because in the background is a type of lamp like any other although you must take into account a number of precautions:

  • You should never place it outdoors because your salt lamp is not weatherproof.
  • Do not place it in rooms where there is excessive humidity, such as in the bathroom or in the kitchen where there may be a high concentration of water vapour.
  • In order for the lamp to eliminate the absorbed humidity by itself, do not forget to turn it on at least a couple of hours a day. If you are going to be away from home for a few days, you can use a timer to make sure that every 24 hours the lamp lights up for the time recommended by the manufacturer, so you don’t have to worry.
  • Never clean it with chemicals that may alter the composition of the salt or may react with it, such as bleach, ammonia, specific glass cleaners, etc.
  • Never use a wet cloth to remove dust or occasional stains. At most a slightly damp cloth.

Where to place the salt lamps?

Since it is supposed to have properties that counteract the effects of electromagnetic waves caused by electronic devices, it would not be wrong to place it near the television, computer, etc.

If we take into account that they can increase the environmental humidity, placing it in very dry rooms would be ideal.

Salt Lamps. Everything you need to know. Analysis and Buying Guide 2

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Salt Lamps. Relaxation and Wellness.

Whether or not we believe in their ability to purify the air, the truth is that salt lamps are a very attractive decorative object because of the warmth of the light they emit. Their orange, pink and yellow tones foster an atmosphere of relaxation due to the warm tonality that transmits relaxation and calm.

Due to this calm that transmit the salt lamps are used in alternative therapies such as chromotherapy or color therapy because the effects of color are multiplied using several lamps with different shapes.

Opinions on salt lamps

We have found opinions for all tastes.

Positive opinions:

  • They neutralize the positive ions produced by electromagnetic waves.
  • They purify the air.

Negative opinions:

  • They serve no purpose except as a decorative object.
  • The purifying properties of air are not proven.

We are not here to support any opinion, we just believe that if you like them, get one now!

The only thing we are sure of and believe that nobody can doubt is that they produce a very attractive light effect and bring warmth to any space in which they are located.

Cuenco con 5 bolas. Piedra de sal del Himalaya

Himalayan Natural Salt Bowl with 5 Balls.100% Original

  • Approximate weight 2-3 kg.
  • Wood base,
  • Energy efficiency E

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Salt lamps. Prices

The prices of pink salt lamps from the Himalayas vary (except for occasional offers and discounts), between £ 15 and £ 90

The difference in price depends fundamentally on the carving of the stone, the weight of the same and the pedestal or other ornaments.

It should also be noted that the bulbs and, where appropriate, the necessary plug adapters are supplied with the lamp.

Where to buy Himalayan pink salt lamps?

Practically in every lighting store in your city or even in department stores.

They can also be purchased in esoteric shops and alternative therapies.

How do you know if a salt lamp is fake?

Let’s give you some tips so you can figure out for yourself if a salt lamp is fake.

Check if your salt lamp has a certificate

First of all we must know that the authentic Himalayan pink salt lamps come from Pakistan, exactly from the Khewra region, therefore, if you have purchased or plan to purchase a Himalayan pink salt lamp it would be important to have a certificate of authenticity, in some cases, they are included with the product.

In addition to the certificate, if not provided by the seller you can check the following:

Check the material

Just by touch you can check if your lamp is made of synthetic materials such as plastics or resins.

Check the weight

The rocks with which these lamps are made usually weigh between 1 or 1.5 kg. of small lamps to 3.5 or 4 kg. of large.

Taking into account that the lamp is perforated to be able to insert the bulb the volume of the lamp will give you an idea of the weight it may have.

Also note that the base or stand does not include metal plates so that it seems that the lamp is heavier than it really is.

Check that the lamp is sweating

As it is a highly hygroscopic material, any minimum value of environmental humidity will be absorbed by the lamp, which will cause small droplets to be deposited on its surface.

Check the light emitted by the lamp

The light emitted by the lamp should be pink and orange and should not be uniform.

Other aspects to be taken into account

A salt lamp is a very fragile object, if by chance the lamp suffers a blow you will notice that the lamp is affected.

Please note that the lamp is also affected by humidity and sudden temperature changes that can cause it to crack.

You will notice how your salt lamp is authentic because over time it loses volume or even small grains are detached from it.

Lampara de Sal del Himalaya Pirámide

Himalayan Salt Lamp Pyramid

  • Approximate weight 3.5 kg.
  • Wooden base,
  • Energy efficiency E
  • 18 cms. wide and 20 cms. high.

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What light bulb do salt lamps have?

That question has an easy answer: it must be a light bulb that produces heat.

As we have explained, salt lamps work by emitting some of the moisture absorbed by the salt rock into the environment.

To release this moisture it is necessary to have a heat source, in this case an incandescent bulb.

We don’t use LED lamps or bulbs because they don’t emit much heat.

Replacement bulbs for salt lamps

These are some of the special bulbs for salt lamps, take into account the size and type as recommended by the manufacturer.

Salt Lamps. Everything you need to know. Analysis and Buying Guide 3

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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps and Safety

What we are going to comment on in this section is something very important that is not usually mentioned in the websites of the sector.

As we will discuss later on salt lamps exhume water and seem to sweat or melt so you have to keep in mind that your salt lamp must have the necessary safety mechanisms to ensure that this water does not penetrate into the electrical connections of the lamp which could cause a short circuit. Choose a lamp with safety certificates.

Salt lamps and energy efficiency

Salt lamps are often energy inefficient, because by their very nature they require that in addition to the light bulb emits heat to produce the effect of evaporation of water.

In case you don’t know yet, broadly speaking, the level of energy efficiency in light bulbs determines how much electrical energy we supply to them dissipates into heat.

As in the case of salt lamps this heat is necessary we have no choice but to use an incandescent bulb that are the worst rated energy.

Buy Himalayan pink salt lamp. Selection by weight and price.

As we have told you before, the fundamental factor to look at the price when buying a salt lamp is to know the weight of the lamp.

To make it easier for you to choose your Himalayan pink salt lamp we are going to rank some of the best rated in the Amazon online store.

Himalayan pink salt lamps weighing 2-3 kilos. Price less than £ 20.

Models of salt lamps with a rating of 4/5 stars, weight between 2 and 3 kg. and a price less than £ 20.

lampara de sal del Himalaya de 2, 3 kilos con precio menos a 20 euros modelo 1

2-3 kg crystalline salt lamp including lamp holder and bulb.

  • Original crystalline salt lamp from the Himalayan mountain range* / South Panjab in Pakistan.
  • Includes E14 lamp holder and 15W bulb.

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Himalayan pink salt lamps weighing 3-5 kilos. Price less than £ 40.

Models of salt lamps with a rating of 4/5 stars, a weight between 3 and 5 kg. and a price less than £ 40.

Cuenco con 5 bolas. Piedra de sal del Himalaya

Himalayan Natural Salt Bowl with 5 Balls.100% Original

  • Approximate weight 2-3 kg.
  • Wood base,
  • Energy efficiency E

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Himalayan pink salt lamps of 5 kg. Price greater than £ 40.

Selection of salt lamps with a weight greater than 5 kilos and with a price greater than £ 40.

Salt Lamps. Everything you need to know. Analysis and Buying Guide 5

Handmade 5-6 kg spherical salt lamp

  • Energy efficiency class A++.
  • Wood base
  • Bulb of 15 w.

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How are the Himalayan salt lamps cleaned?

Salt rock crystal is a very delicate material. It is essential to follow the instructions of each manufacturer. But as a general rule it will be enough to clean the surface with a slightly damp cloth while the lamp is off. In this way we will also provide extra moisture.

Salt lamps. Care

As we have commented before, for its cleaning it is only necessary to wipe its surface with a cloth to trap the dust.

It is also advisable to light the salt lamps every day for at least a few minutes. In this way we will avoid that too much humidity is deposited on the surface of the salt rock which can cause the rock to begin to dissolve, with a similar effect as the lamp melts.

However, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pink salt crystal lamps

In the market we can also find lamps composed not by a whole perforated rock but by salt stones that come contained inside a container offering us other possibilities of decoration.

In this case the bulb that heats the stones is hidden under the same and sometimes, in this type of lamps, less heat is needed to heat the stones so you can use a bulb with less power.

Himalayan Pink Salt Candle Holder

For lovers of candles there is also the option of acquiring candleholders carved in pink salt stone. If you’re interested, take advantage of several packs of candles that are much cheaper.

Using a candle we can also heat the stone, making it release the absorbed humidity.

4 unidades de portavelas de sal rosa del Himalaya

4 units Himalayan Pink Salt Candle Holder

Elegant Look Tea Light Holder

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White salt lamps

As you can see there are also white salt lamps on the market. This type of lamps tend to be somewhat cheaper since their origin is not from the salt mines of Pakistan.

But beware, because you must bear in mind that in pink salt mines you can also find white salt veins and in this case, due to their rarity, lamps made with this type of salt have a higher value given their exclusivity.

Lámpara de sal del Himalaya blanca

Lámpara de Sal del Himalaya Blanca

Peso de 2-3 kg. con peana de madera.

View at AMAZON

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the whiter the salt, the less impurities it has.

The manufacturing process of this type of lamp is the same as in the case of pink salt lamps: it starts from a rock of salt that is perforated to introduce the bulb.

White salt has the same properties of absorbing environmental water vapour as pink salt so these types of lamps work in the same way.

What is clear is that the light that comes out of them no longer has that pink or orange touch and the play of light will not be as warm as in pink salt lamps.

The tone of light they give off is the yellowish type of incandescent bulbs.

Salt lamps and humidity

Excessive ambient humidity can affect our salt lamp while it is off.

As we have already mentioned, salt has the capacity to absorb environmental humidity. If we leave our salt lamp off for several days, especially in a humid and cold environment, we will see how small drops of water appear on the surface of the stone (as we will see later).

If we don’t light our salt lamp every day long enough for the stone to warm up and dry out, we run the risk of the stone dissolving little by little.

Salt lamps: do they melt?

We have already talked about this in the previous paragraphs. Although it seems that they melt in reality what happens is that if we do not dedicate the necessary care to the salt lamp, the salt of the rock dissolves due to the environmental humidity so that, little by little, it is losing size although it is an almost imperceptible effect.

In addition, as we will see in the next section although we have already talked about it in the previous points, the fact that small drops appear on the surface of the rock also helps not to give this impression.

Salt lamps: sweat?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, that’s the impression it can make.

We must take into account that the environmental humidity can be deposited on the surface of the rock appearing small drops and also, as soon as we turn on the lamp and it begins to heat we can also see how small droplets appear by condensation that are disappearing as the retained moisture begins to evaporate.

Salt and Feng Shui Lamps

Pink salt lamps are related to this Chinese philosophical current.

In its origins Feng Shui tried to study the way in which people should occupy the space in which they live to achieve a certain harmony with everything around us.

Likewise, this current defends that the use of certain objects, such as mirrors, candles, etc., can influence the intended harmony.

Lámpara de sal Feng Shui

Crystal Salt lamp Feng Shui

  • The Feng Shui Salt Crystal Lamp will give your premises a warm-energy atmosphere
  • These square Salt lamp has a unique Form expression
  • You get the Feng Shui-salt lamp with a wooden base mounted, the required electrical and bulbs
  • Weight: approx. 2-6.6lbs
    Dimensions: approx. 17 x 11 x 11 cm


Salt lamps, being a lamp that is made with a natural material with certain intrinsic properties is a lamp highly recommended by followers of this philosophy.

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An atom or group of atoms which, through the loss or gain of one or more electrons, acquires an electric charge.

Electrical load

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An elemental particle with a negative electrical charge, which revolves around the nucleus of the atom.